Sunconomy™ Homes

The New Sunconomy™, where the Sun makes $ense

The New Sunconomy™ Home Standard is based on what consumers need and want in a home, coupled with the societal and monetary costs facing our nation and each of us as individual families. Job loss, health care, population growth, scarce resources like energy and clean water, global financial problems all affect our pocket books and our futures.

The Sunconomy™ Home provides a healthy, affordable and cost effective home that can save homeowners over $100,000 in their first 20 years of ownership.

Building safer, healthier and cost effective homes is what Sunconomy™ stands for. Capturing free energy from the sun to power, heat and cool our houses is the smart way to deal with future uncertainties.

The three pillars of a Sunconomy™ home are:

Saving Money

A Sunconomy Home takes advantage of the energy from the sun that falls freely on your home everyday. If you could stop paying a large portion or all of your electric bills, you’d have enough to send all your kids to college or to fund a nice part of your retirement. Based on today’s rates you could save over $100,000 over the life of your home.

As an added bonus, insurance rates on a Sunconomy™ Home are often 30-70% less than those associated with a standard home. Many states are adopting stricter wind standards and adopted Fortified For Safer Living methods, we are on the fore front of this trend in that we exceed the most stringent codes and our materials have had the Florida seal of approval and even been used in Dade County. Secondary roof systems are also provided along with wind resistance meaning that there is no structural damaged when shingles are lost.

The basic building components provide no food source for wood boring insects like termites. In short the absence of wood means no terminates and huge cost savings down the line.

Healthier Living

We all want to breath clean air. A Sunconomy™ Home allows you to eat, sleep and play in a home free of toxic products or noxious fumes. Going green isn’t just a slogan; it’s a lifestyle that will make a big impact on the overall health of your family. Substandard building products often aggravate respiratory problems. A Sunconomy™ Home utilizes an Energy Recovery Ventilation system that filters out 98% of allergens and dust, while lowering the humidity without producing water as by product that must be drained from home.

Almost of equal concern is what we bring into our homes. Dust, outside pollutants, pesticides, formaldehyde in our bedding, particulates from cooking, and moisture from washing. all effect on our indoor air quality. The RenewAire ERV replaces the indoor polluted air 6-8 times a day, with filtered dry air, at only a 15w mechanical system.


Sunconomy™ Homes are designed to withstand 150 MPH winds. Just ask the people along the Gulf Coast what that means to the survivability of their homes. In these storm prone areas, roofs blowing off and windows blowing out may destroy your home. The Sunconomy™ home is built to last.

Power outages can be a thing of the past using the upgraded Sunconomy™ “Grid Free” option. Solar panels can produce electricity for your refrigerator, lights, heating and cooling and also supply hot water for your home. Think about what it would be like to be the only house still standing after a storm and have power. What a comfort that is!

After insurance and utilities, most homeowner’s largest expense is maintenance. Sunconomy™ homes are built with aluminum and steel to virtually eliminate routine exterior maintenance like painting and caulking.

Sunconomy™ Homes are built to help the nation move away from oil dependence and toward energy independence. Sunconomy™ Homes represent the future of housing, and are designed and built with your family’s financial health and safety in mind.

Ask your builder or contractor why they aren’t building a Sunconomy™ Home!